Pea Beans
                                                                 Crop feature: -
                                                           - Source of dietary fiber, cooper,
                                                               manganese and folate.
                                                          - 61g of carbohydrate, 24g fiber,
                                                             22g protein per 100gms.
                                                          - Excellent source of cholesterol
                                                             lowering fiber.
                                                          - Stabilizes blood sugar and
                                                             lowers heart attack.
                    Ethiopian average annual production potential is 126,000 tons

 Soya Bean
 Variety:- brown and yellow.

Crop feature: -
     - Used to produce cooking oil.
     - Used as Animal feed.
    - Biodiesel fuel for diesel engines can be produced from soybean oil by a simple process called transesterification. This process removes the glycerin from the oil, leaving soy biodiesel

Ethiopian average annual production
potential 54,228.00 ton.

Chick Pea
Desi, which has small, darker seeds and a rough coat.Kabuli, which has lighter colored,larger seeds and a smoother coat.
Crop feature: -
           - Source of starch for textile sizing giving a light finish to silk,wool,
             and cotton cloth.
          - Chickpea being a leguminous crop improves soil fertility by fixing intact atmospheric nitrogen into plant available form (NH3 and NH4) throughthe phenomenon of symbiosis.
          - 119 calories in 100gms of chickpeas.
          - 27g of carbohydrates, 8.86g protein.
          - A good source of dietary fiber,cooper, manganese and folate.
          -Source of 10 different vitamins A, B, C, E, K, etc.
Ethiopian average annual production
potential 344,692.00 ton