NIGER SEED Crop Feature:-
                - Moderate rainfall between 1,000-1,250 mm annually.
               - Oil extraction for human consumption as cooking oil
               - Sowing: March
               - Harvesting: May-June

Industrial Uses:-
              - For soap making

              - Paint preparation and as preparation of
Ethiopian average annual production potential
213,990 ton

 Sesame Seed
Variety: - Humera & Wollega
Crop feature:-
                - Grows only in tropical areas with 90-120 frost- free days
                - Ideal Temperature: - 250c-27oc
                - Sowing: June
                - Harvesting: Sept-October.
                - Producing regions:- Tigray,Oromia, Amhara, & South regions.
                - The world healthiest crop
                - 45-52% Oil content
                - Lower cholesterol
                - Prevent blood pressure
                - Protect liver damage
Ethiopia_ The 4th largest world producer of
sesame. Ethiopian average annual
production potential 308,521.15 ton


 castor oil Uses:-
                   -Source of castor oil
                   - Can be used to produce biodiesel

        Industrial Uses:-
               - It is derivatives have application in manufacturing lubricants, hydraulic & brakefluids, paints dyes, coating and inks
               -It is also used to make cold resistant plastics, waxes and polishes, nylon, pharmaceuticals and perfumes.
               -Castor oil derivative KolliphorEL is used in Miconazole,Paclitaxel, cyclosporine injection and other medicines for humans

                                                                         SUN FLOWER
                                                                                  • Oil Content:-Min11%
                                                                                  • Acidity:-Not Be Excessive
                                                                                  • Admixture:-0.05%
                                                                                  • Moisture:-Max 8%
                                                                                  • Color:-white/black
                                                                                  • Impurities:- Max 3%









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