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Both of the partners of Cell Tell are well experienced and contributed a lot to the mobile sector as well as to the emerging assembling industry as a whole.

Yeshitla Desalegn

He is the owner of Yeshitla mobile plc, established in June 2002 to provide specialized telecom products and services for niche markets within Ethiopia. Also the Managing Director of Cell Tell Trading & Manufacturing plc. Started his business in mobile maintenance (Hardware & software) as one of the first people to start the business in Ethiopia. 

He has more than 15 years of experience in the mobile industry and one of the major contributors for the starting of the mobile assembling industry in Ethiopia by working in partnership with SMADL communication terminals (1st mobile assembling company in Ethiopia). 

Mr. Yeshitla also played a prominent role in providing 3 local language translations and most advanced typing system to the mobile industry.

Mr. TessemaBekele

Another partner of the company and owner of one of the biggest mobile phone distributors in Ethiopia.  He also has more than 10 years of experience in the mobile industry and is one of the most respected and influential business people in this industry. He has his own distribution network which reached all over the country. Currently distributing more than 30,000 units of mobile phones per month.

Distribution Partners

Currently our products are available in all parts of the country through our distribution partners.

Agents: - local merchants working in their own cities and regions. We have agents in all the major cities and towns of Ethiopia who are well experienced in the industry with very good financial capacity.

Ethio Telecom: - the only provider of telecommunication service in Ethiopia, operating in more than 300 sales outlets all over Ethiopia. They are one of the distributors of our products.

Hidase Telecom S.C.:- also part of Ethio-telecom engaged in providing different types of telecom products & services, operating in more than 800 sales outlets in the country. Also one of our distribution partners.

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