Cell Tell trading and manufacturing plc. was established by 2 Ethiopian partner investors in 2012. It started its operation by assembling 10 different types of feature phones for the local market. Out of the 10 mobile assembling companies operating in the open market in Ethiopia, Cell Tell Trading is the one and only company fully owned and managed by Ethiopian investors.

The company builds its distribution network all over the country faster than any assembling company operating in Ethiopia;this is due to the fact that it’s being Ethiopian and has the best local market knowledge. The company also has a lot of acceptance in the market one for the quality of the products it’s supplying to the market and the other because it’s the only Ethiopian company in the sector.

Cell Tell trading is also getting different kinds of support and motivation from the government because its showing the way for other Ethiopian companies and investors to join the sector and contribute their fair share to the development of the manufacturing sector and the country in general. The company is also playing an important role on the technological transfer.

The company is engaged in mobile assembling and accessory manufacturing using raw material imported from china. Currently the company is assembling the world wide accepted and high qualitymobile phone brand called G- TiDE. Our products are available and well accepted all over Ethiopia through our distribution partners and loyal customers. The company is accredited by FDRE bureau of Information and Communication, Ministry of  trade and industry and Customs and Revenue Authority.